What is nanometer?

Nanometer is a unit of length in the metric system. It equals 10-9 meter. It is commonly used in nanotechnology.

Nanometer is widely used as a scale for building tiny, complex, and atomic scale computing and electronic components – specifically in nanotechnology.

It is often used to express dimensions on an atomic scale: the diameter of a helium atom, for example, is about 0.06 nm, and that of a ribosome is about 20 nm.

You can convert nanometer to other length units as follow:

kilometer (km) 0.000000000001
meter (m) 0.000000001
decimeter (dm) 0.00000001
centimeter (cm) 0.0000001
millimeter (mm) 0.000001
micrometre (micron) 0.001
ångström 10
league 0.0000000000002071
mile (mi) 0.0000000000006214
land 0.0000000000006214
furlong 0.000000000004971
bolt 0.00000000002734
chain 0.00000000004971
pole 0.0000000001988
rod (rd) 0.0000000001988
perch 0.0000000001988
yard (yd) 0.000000001094
foot (ft) 0.000000003281
span 0.000000004374
hand 0.000000009843
inch (in) 0.00000003937
line 0.0000004724
mil 0.00003937
microinch 0.03937
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