What is millimeter?

The millimeter is a unit of length in the metric system. A millimeter is a tiny unit of measurement. The thickness of a dime is a little more than a millimeter, and there are a thousand millimeters in a meter.

If you want to understand millimeter more, look at a ruler that includes centimeters. The units of metric measurement that are closest in length to inches. The smallest units marked on the ruler are millimeters — there are ten of them in each centimeter.

A common shortening of millimetre in spoken English is “mil”. This can cause confusion since in the United States, “mil” traditionally means a thousandth of an inch.

Use the following table to convert millimeter into other length units:

kilometer (km) 0.000001
meter (m) 0.001
decimeter (dm) 0.01
centimeter (cm) 0.1
micrometre (micron) 1,000
nanometer (nm) 1,000,000
ångström 10,000,000
yard (yd) 0.001094
foot (ft) 0.003281
span 0.004374
hand 0.009843
inch (in) 0.03937
line 0.4724
mil 39.37
microinch 39,370


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