What is micrometer?

Micrometer is an SI derived unit of length. It is a decimal fraction of the base SI unit of length, the meter. It equals to 1×10−6 meter.  It is symbolized by “μ”.

The term micron and the symbol µ, representing the micrometer, were officially revoked by the International System of Units (SI) in 1967.

Micrometer is used for the following measurement:

  • Wavelengths of infrared radiation.
  • Sizes of biological cellsand bacteria.
  • Grading wool by the diameter of the fibers.


You can convert from micrometer to other units of length as follow:

centimeters 0.0001
feet 0.000003280839895
inches 0.00003937007874
kilometers 1e-9
light-years 1.056998307e-22
meters 0.000001
miles 6.213711922e-10
nautical miles 5.399568035e-10
yards 0.000001093613298




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