If you’ve ever see a ruler, you may have asked yourself ‘what is a centimeter?

Centimeter is a metric unit commonly used to measure small distances. A centimeter is a unit of measurement that’s about one-third the size of an inch.

The word centimeter comes from the French “centimeter”, a combination of the Latin word for “hundred,” centum, and the French” mètre”. “Centi” being the SI prefix for a factor of .01. Centimeter can be symbolized by “cm” .

You can use the following table to convert from centimeter to other length units

Inches 0.3937007874
Feet 0.03280839895
Yards 0.01093613298
Miles 0.000006213711922
Nautical Miles 0.000005399568035
Light-years 1.056998307e-18
Centimeters 1
Meters 0.01
Kilometers 0.00001


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