Milligal Units Converter

Convert between Milligal and other Acceleration units.

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What is milligal?

Milligal equals 0.001 of gal. Gal is a unit of acceleration used extensively in the science of gravity. Gal could be called “galileo” after “Galileo Galilei” who made the first measurement of the Earth’s gravity.

The acceleration due to Earth’s gravity at its surface is 976,000 to 983,000 milligal.

1 milligal equals the following:

  • Metre per second squared (m/s²)   10-5
  • Foot per second squared (ft/s²)        28×10-5
  • Gal     10-3
  • Standard gravity   02×10-6
  • g-unit (g)            02×10-6


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