Gal Units Converter

Convert between Gal and other Acceleration units.

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What is Gal?

Gal is a unit of acceleration used extensively in the science of gravity. It could be called “galileo” after “Galileo Galilei” who made the first measurement of the Earth’s gravity.

Its symbol is” Gal”.  Gal can be defined as 1 centimeter per second squared. One gal equals a change in rate of motion of one centimeter per second per second.

1 Gal equals the following:

0.01                 Meter per second squared (m/s²)0.01

0.03                Foot per second squared (ft/s²)0.03

1000               Milligal

1.02×10-3      Standard gravity

1.02×10-3      g-unit (g)

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