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Convert between G-units and other Acceleration units.

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What is “G“?

 G is a unit of stress measurement for bodies undergoing acceleration. It is also An acceleration equal to the acceleration of gravity.

The use of the letter “G” is derived from the word gravitation. The g-forces are measured using a g-force meter.

The unit of measure of acceleration in the International System of Units (SI) is m/s. However, to distinguish acceleration relative to free fall from simple acceleration (rate of change of velocity), the unit g (or g) is often used.

The acceleration of gravity at sea level is approximately 980.665 centimeter-second-squared or 32.2 feet per second per second.

G equals the following:

Meter per second squared (m/s²)    9.81

Foot per second squared (ft/s²)       32.2

Gal           980.66

Milligal    980,665


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