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What does acceleration mean?

Acceleration is the rate at which velocity changes with time. In other words, it is the name we give to any change of velocity with time.

For example, in a car you can feel the acceleration by hitting the gas (positive acceleration) or by hitting the brakes (negative acceleration).  A train moving with a constant velocity 80 miles per hour along straight line has zero acceleration. This means that if you’re not changing your speed and you’re not changing your direction, then you simply cannot be accelerating—no matter how fast you’re going.

There are two types of acceleration: average acceleration and instantaneous acceleration.

Average acceleration is determined over a “long, finite” time interval.  It can be calculated as follow:

 = Δv/ Δt = (v − v0) / Δt

a̅ : Average acceleration.

V: final velocity.

v0: initial velocity.

Δt: time interval.

Instantaneous acceleration is measured over a “short” time interval. Average acceleration is the most used nowadays so we are not going into the details of instantaneous acceleration.

Acceleration has the dimensions of velocity divided by time. The most common SI unit of acceleration is the metre per second squared.

Here we show all of the units used to measure acceleration:

  • feet per hour per second (British/American)
  • feet per minute per second (British/American)
  • feet per second squared (British/American)
  • galileo (Metric)
  • inches per hour per second (British/American)
  • inches per minute per second (British/American)
  • inches per second squared (British/American)
  • kilometres per hour per second (Metric)
  • kilometres per minute per second (Metric)
  • kilometres per second squared (Metric)
  • knots per second
  • metres per hour per second (Metric)
  • metres per minute per second (Metric)
  • metres per second squared (Metric)
  • miles per hour per second (British/American)
  • miles per minute per second (British/American)
  • miles per second squared (British/American)
  • standard gravity
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